*all credits DOP/Operator unless noted
“Entry In A Diary” 35mm feature, directed by Bob Stampfl of Entropy Pictures. Starring Kate Trotter and Michael Burgess. Awarded most Outstanding First Feature Film at The 43rd International Film Festival of Salerno, Italy.
“Oklahoma City” Docudrama MOW for Lifetime Television USA release.
Produced by ABC Pictures, Los Angeles by Barbara Kelly, Vancouver.
True life story about a woman who survived the 1995 bombing.
Shot in Calgary. Director: John Korty (Miss Jane Pittman). Super 16mm.

Recreating the Oklahoma City aftermath

Crew photo in the rubble - Oklahoma City MOW
“Spirit Rider” Two hour special for telecast on CBC, PBS, and BBC, starring Graham Green and Tom Jackson. Co-produced by Owl TV & Credo Group. Director: Michael Scott. Nominated Best Cinematography Dramatic - Manitoba Blizzards 95. 16mm.
“Final Judgment” formally “The Reckoning”, produced by Telestories Entertainment, starring Michael Beck. Director: David Robertson. 16mm.
“Lonely Knights” produced by Lovesong Television, starring Dack Rambo. Director, Henry Less. 16mm.
“Uncut Gem” produced by Lovesong Television, starring Sam Berens. Director: David Robertson. 16mm.
“Rescue Me” produced by Lovesong Television, starring Teri Austin and Ted Shakleford. Director: Henry Less. 16mm.
“72 Hours: True Crime”
a 20 part docudrama series for telecast on CBC and TLC. This show utilizes the Panasonic 720p HD Varicam and features unique visual elements including altered shutter speeds, film lenses, swing tilt focus, letterbox widescreen, and interviews with direct eyelines. Directors on “72 Hours” include Eric Till, David Acomba, Harvey Crossland, Howie Wiseman, Gail Singer, and Johnny Silver. (6 shows full credit DOP/Operator - 10 shows shared credit)
On location for “72 Hours - True Crime” 720p HD video with 25-250 film zoom!
"Blackfly" comedy series produced by Salter Street Films for Global TV. Directors: Michael Kennedy, Giles Walker, David Storey, Stephen Reynolds, Andy Price. Production Supervisor: Michael Mahoney. Cast: Ron James, Colin Mochrie, Richard Donat. Digital Betacam widescreen. (DOP/Operator 1st season)
“Exhibit A” 5 seasons - TV series for Discovery Channel - and TLC (“The Secrets of Forensic Science”). Also CTV, APTN, TVO. Includes dramatic re-creations of crimes. Hosted by Graham Green. Stylized look with portable Mini DV cameras. Awards for best photography 2000 Geminis and Best Cinematography 2000 CSC Awards. Also Nominated best photography 1998 and 1999 Gemini Awards. Directors on “Exhibit A” include Holly Dale, Harvey Crossland, Ried Dunlop, Alan Goluboff, Allan Moyle, Gail Harvey, Deborah Samuel, Allan Gough, and Peter Wellington. (DOP/Operator 55 shows)
“Criminal Deception” pilot series for Court TV produced by Red Apple Entertainment. Shot in Salt Lake City. Director: Howie Wiseman. Nominated Best Cinematography 2003 CSC Awards. Mini DV.
“Battle for Canada” historical re-creation for The Learning Channel series, Turning Points. Produced by Transatlantic Films, UK. Shot on PAL Betacam.
“Dance To Remember” half hour for CBC’s “Inside Stories”. Director: Nancy Botkin. 16mm.
“Now And Then” half hour for CBC series “Family Pictures”. Director, Elise Swerehone. 16mm.
“Spacewatch Club” educational series. Co-production between Rudy Inc. and PBS Television. Promos for the show featured Shelley Duvall. 16mm.
“Traveling Alone” Global TV special, Docudrama produced by Luft Films and the O.P.P. USA video version sponsored by Speedy Muffler. Other versions, “Travel Safe” and “Fire Safe”. Director: Brad Luft. 16mm.
“Millennium Express” 35mm theme attraction production featuring dramatic recreations of the history of Manitoba, including multiple 5 screen, 3D, Peppers Ghost Illusion, and Animatronics. Visual production by Credo Group. (shared DOP credit)
“Rendezvous” a laser disc, multi screen presentation for Ontario Government in Thunder Bay. Footage included dramatic re-creations of the fur trade using Old Fort William as a backdrop. Prisma Light, producer. 16mm.
Dramatic re-creations for: “Working Animals”, series on Discovery Channel
“Turning Points”, Barna Alper series for History Channel
“Spirit World”, history of Mi’kmaq indians for History Channel
“Unholy Water”, CTV Special
“Letters From Karelia”, NFB historical special
SECOND UNIT DOP CREDITS “Paradise Falls”, Breakthrough Entertainment.
“External Affairs”, Shaftsbury Films. Producer: Christina Jennings.
“The Carolyn McCarthy Story”, Cliffwood Productions
“Blue Hawk”, German TV series. Blue Hawk Productions.
“Kung Fu, The Legend Continues”, Warner Brothers.
“Indian Summer”, U.S. feature film. Touchstone Pictures.
(Sony 1080i, 24p, Panasonic Varicam and 480p)
Recent HDTV shoot credits include
“72 Hours: True Crime” series (see above under Television for details)
“Sacred Balance”, a special 4 hour series with David Suzuki for CBC and PBS, “Virgin Mary” (working title), one hour documentary on religious paranormal produced by actor Yaphet Kotto (Homicide, Alien) --- Yaphet’s comment: “Looks just like film”.
Also “Sellafield IIC Exhibit”, HD green screen inserts of actors for CGI interactive presentation for UK nuclear power plant. Second unit work on “Paradise Falls” with the Panasonic 480p camera.
  Written technical article: “HDTV: Looking at the Future of Film and Video”.
Produced a comprehensive HDTV vs. Film test shoot for the CSC.
  Speaker: HDTV Showcase ‘99, Vancouver.
  Attended Sony and Panavision Workshops to study HDCAM image manipulation.

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