“Exquisite cinematography captures the light and colour of a Rembrandt painting."
Canadian Film Celebration '91 - “Entry In A Diary”

“Richard understands our needs - which are many and varied - and he never fails us”
Kaly Walker, BBC U.S. Production Manager

“I don’t believe there is a project he couldn’t handle”
Gail Singer, Film maker.

“You gave us exactly the right look for the story and you did it quickly and efficiently.”
John Korty, Director (Miss Jane Pittman) - “Oklahoma City”

“... one of the best at getting the look required in a fast and efficient manner.”
Derek Mazur, Producer - “Spirit Rider”

“Richard Stringer has an excellent control of lighting ....and is always ready to try new techniques.”
Henry Less, Director - “Lonely Knights”

“He works quickly but carefully and in the end the image looks great”
Elise Swerehone, Director - “Now And Then”

“Richard’s unusually good collaborative spirit, his constant positive approach to problems, his devotion to the show, his general good humour, and his ability to make a sow’s ear look like silk.”
Michael Kennedy, Director - “Blackfly”

“Thank you for your beautiful work on our SARS programme. You got some great shots.”
Annabel Gillings, Producer - “BBC Horizon”

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