“72 Hours:
True Crime”
a 20 part docudrama series for telecast on CBC and TLC. This show utilizes the Panasonic 720p HD Varicam and features unique visual elements including altered shutter speeds, film lenses, swing tilt focus, letterbox widescreen, and interviews with direct eyelines. Directors on “72 Hours” include Eric Till, David Acomba, Harvey Crossland, Howie Wiseman, Gail Singer, and Johnny Silver. (6 shows full credit DOP/Operator - 10 shows shared credit)
“Sacred Balance” special 4 hour series with David Suzuki for CBC and PBS. Shot sequences in Boston, California, Nevada, Houston, Vancouver, and Toronto as well as 35mm time lapse inserts. (Cameraman - HDTV)
“Letters from Karelia” 70 minute NFB historical doc about Canadian Finns in World War II, shot on Super 16mm in Canada, Russia and Finland. Directed by Kelly Saxberg. (DOP - Super 16mm)
“My Beat - The Life and Times of Bruce Cockburn” one hour for CBC biography series. Produced by Bob Lang, Kensington Communications. Director: Nadine Pequeneza. (DOP - DV Cam)
“Watching Movies” long form documentary featuring blue screen interviews with direct eyeline technique. CTV Special. Director: Gail Singer. (DOP - Beta SP)
"Exhibit A" series for Discovery Channel - "The Secrets of Forensic Science" on TLC.
Produced by Robert Lang and Robert Sandler. Hosted by Graham Green.
Three seasons - 40 shows. Nominated best photography 1998 and 1999 Gemini Awards. (DOP - stylized Mini DV)
“Masterminds” pilot docudrama series for Court TV produced by Red Apple Entertainment. Shot in Salt Lake City. Director: Howie Wiseman. Nominated at the 2003 CSC Awards. (DOP - stylized Mini DV)
"You Can't Beat A Woman" feature documentary about domestic violence around the world for the National Film Board. Director: Gail Singer. (Cameraman - Toronto and Tokyo sequences - Super 16mm)
"The Man We Called Juan Carlos" is the story of an 'ordinary' Mayan from the highlands of Guatemala, who in unexpected ways affected the lives of the filmmakers for over 25 years. Winner Columbus Film Festival. This involved revisiting an original project by Asterisk Productions for CBC's Man Alive - “Campo Vivo”. (Cameraman - 16mm)
"Canada - Another Government Movie"

A five screen 35mm production by Credo Group, Winnipeg, for the Canadian pavilion at Expo 88 in Brisbane, Australia. Shot for over 100 days across Canada and the NWT. Developed a special three camera mount for panorama shots. This show was highly rated and was a huge success. It was also adapted for showing at Seville's Expo 92 and the CN Tower. (DOP - 35mm)
Three Arri 3 camera rigged for panarama shot

Five 35mm camera set to get POV of rapids in Northern Manitoba

“Millennium Express”
theme attraction production for Manitoba Lotteries, featuring historical recreations. Included multiple 5 screen, 3D, Peppers Ghost Illusion, and Animatronics. Visual production by Credo Group for Westsun. (DOP - 35mm) 

Multi screen rig for “Millennium Express”

a laser disc, multi screen presentation for Old Fort William in Thunder Bay. Footage included recreations of the fur trade using the fort as a backdrop. Produced by Prisma Light. (DOP - 16mm)

Also, sequences for Toronto’s Ecodec, Ontario Parks Teaching Rock exhibit, and video displays at the ROM in Toronto.
“Ex Factor” doc series for the W network by PTV Productions. People searching for Ex lovers from their past. (DOP 2 shows - Digi Betacam)
Breakthrough’s “Family Dance”, “Little Miracles”, “Class Act”, and “Med Students” (Mini DV).
Life’s “Birth Stories”, 90th Parallel’s “At The Post”, PTV’s “New Years Resolutions” and “Wednesday Nights”, “Stylin Gypsies” for W, “Working Animals” for Discovery, and “Dogs with Jobs” for Life and National Geographic.
“72 Hours:
True Crime”
a 20 part docudrama series for telecast on CBC and TLC. This show utilizes the Panasonic 720p HD Varicam and features unique visual elements including altered shutter speeds, film lenses, swing tilt focus, letterbox widescreen, and interviews with direct eyelines. Directors on “72 Hours” include Eric Till, David Acomba, Harvey Crossland, Howie Wiseman, Gail Singer, and Johnny Silver. (6 shows full credit DOP/Operator - 10 shows shared credit)
  Work for Barna Alper Productions include the “Turning Points” series for History Channel - went to South Africa for show on the Boer War with Steven Silver directing as well as other “Turning Points” dramatic recreations and inserts. Also “Unholy Water”, a CTV special on the Walkerton water crisis.
“The Space Experience” a series of six half-hour shows with host, Marc Garneau, was co-produced by TVO and Filmcentre Productions, directed by Rudy Buttignol, and shot on location in Toronto, Ottawa, Washington, Boston, New York, Alabama, and Houston. (DOP 16mm)
"Flightpath” episode with Roberta Bondar and interview with Pierre Berton for “Gold Fever” for The American Experience (PBS).
- My work with The National Film Board includes productions for the Montreal, Toronto, and Prairie offices. Some titles: “Letters from Karelia”, “Fiddlers of James Bay”, “The McIntyre Block”, “Bush Pilot”, “Celmates”, “Rice Harvest”, and “Gunilda”.

- Recently I worked on the NFB’s Momentum program for emerging film makers.

- For CBC's Man Alive - “Campo Vivo”, a program featuring a small village in Guatemala (see "The Man We Called Juan Carlos" in credit listing), “Beech Hall”, a study of a senior citizens' housing project, and “Sherri” produced by Prisma-Light.

- For CBC’s The Nature Of Things - an item on handmade papermaking in Nepal by Asterisk Productions and “Almost Home” on a Dene tribe settlement in Northern Manitoba.

- Other CBC credits detailed above: “72 Hours”, “Sacred Balance”, “My Beat - The Life and Times of Bruce Cockburn”.
“Tops and Bottoms”
, feature documentary on the history of S&M for TVO. Produced by Christine Richey. (Cameraman - Super 16mm)

“Virgin Mary” (working title), one hour documentary on religious paranormal phenomena shot on HDTV video. Produced by actor Yaphet Kotto (Homicide, Alien). (DOP - HDTV)

“DNA and Dollars” by David Maltby about ethics and genetics for Vision TV and regional broadcast on SCN (Sask) and Access TV Alberta. (Cameraman - Betacam SP)

“Spirit World”, history of Mi’kmaq indians for History Channel by Brian Pollard. Sequences shot in France and Italy. (Cameraman - Betacam SP)

“Memories of Jets” by David New about the Avro Arrow jet for TVO. (Cameraman - 16mm)

“Let Me Call You Sweetheart” about the life of Viola McMillian by Kevin Reeves. (DOP - 16mm)

“Ms Conceptions” - shot sequence in this documentary directed by Ric Bienstock shown on CBC’s Witness.

“Traveling Alone”, a docudrama about crime and traveling business women shown on Global, and “What Is Insurance?”, corporate educational video, both produced by Brad Luft.

Other independent film makers include Gail Singer, Christine Richey, Ann Harbron, Christa Singer, Catherine Annau, Kelly Saxberg, Susan Fleming, Barri Cohen, Ali Kazimi, and Richard Meech.
Richard Stringer has much experience with dramatic re-creations - Some titles are: (for more details, search within these resumes)
“72 Hours: True Crime”, for CBC and TLC.
“Exhibit A”, for Discovery Channel and TLC.
“Masterminds”, pilot for Court TV
“Letters From Karelia”, NFB historical special.
“Working Animals”, for Discovery Channel
“Millennium Express”, theme attraction production for Manitoba Lotteries.
“Rendezvous”, multi screen presentation for Old Fort William in ThunderBay.
“Turning Points”, Barna Alper series for History Channel.
“Spirit World”, history of Mi’kmaq indians for History Channel.
“Unholy Water”, CTV Special.
“Traveling Alone”, shown on Global TV.
“Battle for Canada”, historical recreation for TLC.
I shoot many film and video items for BBC programming: "Horizon", "On The Record", "It'll Never Work", "Edge", "Timewatch", "The Money Program", "Watchdog", "Aviator", "On The Line", and various specials (recently "Dawn of Man"). I have worked on projects for Granada TV, PBS, Scottish Television, Carlton TV, ABC, TLC, America's Most Wanted, and many other producers from USA and the UK. Shot "TV To Call Our Own", an item on the Canadian broadcasting industry for BBC Open University. Two National Geographic TV specials on Norwegian resistance in World War II and on Egyptian Mummies. See credit listing for"Killers Coming Home", for BBC Scotland, "Nature's Rage", for Pangolin Pictures N.Y. and"Battle for Canada"for Transatlantic Films, UK.

- “Killers Coming Home”, BBC Scotland Frontline episode on the Woods Brothers, criminals to be deported from Canada to Scotland. (DOP - PAL Betacam).

- “Nature’s Rage”, Readers Digest video release on natural disasters featuring icebergs on Canada’s Eastern coast. Shot on Canadian icebreaker and U.S. Coast Guard air patrol. Pangolin Pictures N.Y. (Cameraman - 16mm)

- Battle for Canada”, historical recreation of the events leading to the battle of the Plains of Abraham for The Learning Channel series, Turning Points. Produced by Transatlantic Films, UK. (DOP - PAL Betacam)
HDTV PRODUCTION (Sony 1080i, 24p and Panasonic Varicam and 480p)
Recent HDTV shoot credits include “72 Hours: True Crime” series, “Sacred Balance”, a special 4 hour series with David Suzuki for CBC and PBS (see above under Recent Credits for details).

Also “Virgin Mary” (working title), one hour documentary on religious paranormal produced by actor Yaphet Kotto (Homicide, Alien), and “Sellafield IIC Exhibit”, HD green screen inserts of actors for CGI interactive presentation at UK nuclear power plant. Second unit work on “Paradise Falls” with the Panasonic 480p camera.

Written technical article: “HDTV: Looking at the Future of Film and Video”.

Produced a comprehensive HDTV vs. Film test shoot for the CSC.

Speaker: HDTV Showcase ‘99, Vancouver.
Attended Sony and Panavision Workshops to study HDCAM image manipulation.
Programs include shows for Owl TV and TVO, as well as for audio visual departments of the University of Toronto and The ROM. I have worked with Soma Film Producers who distribute many films to educational markets. Recently, videotaped a U of T MBA symposium on World Health for the World University Consortium. I videotaped Kurt Browning for "Reading The Signs", a CBC network show on illiteracy, as well as interstitials on learning skills for Prisma Light.
Nature shoots include "Animal World" featuring beavers in Algonquin Park and a TV special on wolves for the BBC.
My 35mm Arri 2C has an extensive intervalometer control system. This includes crystal speed control, single frame, time lapse capability over a wide range of settings, capping shutter, lighting relay switching, exposure compensation which allows shooting from day to night, and weather proof camera box. I used my table top studio with grow lights for shooting time lapse flower sequences for Q Film's "The Secret World of Gardens" for The Life Channel. My system has been used on time lapse scenics in the Yukon for Sorel Boot commercials.
Churchill Manitoba 1976

My extensive travel experiences have taken me to many third world countries. "Andean Journey", for the BBC's World About Us is a film on the Aymaran Indians in Bolivia."The World's Children" is a series of educational films by Asterisk Productions which took me to Hong Kong, The Philippines, Nepal, and Thailand.

I have been to OXFAM projects in Guatemala; UNICEF development work in Nepal; and Servol training schools in Trinidad. I have filmed travelogues in Singapore, Australia, Nassau, New Zealand, France, Austria, and the U.K.

I followed the Famous People Players through China and filmed the Moscow Circus performers in the Soviet Union.

On the South Arifican Veldt revisiting the Boer War on DV Cam
On the street in Petroskoi, Russia (from left) assistant Pavel Sukhov, Richard Stringer csc, and soundman Dmitry Koniovchenkov.

Many projects have taken me to the Canadian north, as far as the North Magnetic Pole. I have filmed bush pilots in Northern Manitoba for the NFB, environmental studies on Victoria Island and The Byam Martin Channel for Crawley Films, oil rigs in the Mackenzie Delta for Gulf Oil, and kayak making in Arctic Bay for Expo 88. Shot two films in Northern Manitoba with Gail Singer - one on native housing and one on James Bay fiddlers for the NFB. Extensive travel through the Yukon Territories for a tourism film as well as Sorel boot commercials for Brandworks . Shot on Canadian icebreaker with Pangolin Pictures for Readers Digest

Checking out Santa's reindeer in the Yukon

Some of my music industry projects include: "The Joy Of Singing", a ninety minute special for TVO and CBC, "Guitar", for Rhombus Media (2nd camera), also films on Anne Murray, Gino Vanelli, Peter Gabriel, Ronnie Hawkins, Roy Hargrove, and The Canadian Brass. I've shot music videos for local bands (Wild T and the Spirit), and recently for Fred Penner, who specializes in childrens' music. Recent credit on the BBC series, "Rock Cults", with The Kinks. Have shot Unitarian Service Committee's spokesperson, Bruce Cockburn in several PSAs for Kensington Communications.
Early in my career, I shot many news items for all the Canadian networks, as well as ABC, UPI, BBC, and even Soviet television. I also shot for CTV's "W5" and "Live It Up". I covered sports items for "Hockey Night In Canada" and "CTV's Wide World of Sports". I shot several news clips for the Athlete Information Bureau in Ottawa. I worked for Japanese ABC television shooting a womens' volleyball tournament in Winnipeg . Also "Mobility Cup 99" sequence for Cathleen MacDonald of Motion Picture Enterprises.

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