Husky Injection Molding Plant

Recent Projects

Stylized shooting on Mini DV
- Marketing videos for The Elevator Network

Sparklers (short fast paced intro clips)
- AT&T Dime Time / M+M Minis and Starburst Jellybeans

Studio shoots
- AmourAll Demo / Shaklee (blue screen) / Hairstyling video

Product shots inserts
- Alberto VO5 / Shaklee / Effem Food Products

Sony's "pencil" cam for car interiors and exterior mount shots
- Marketing and training videos for BMW

Cross Canada shoot
- Cancom Satellite Systems video for CRTC screening

Interviews maintaining constant "look" over many locations
- "Women at GM", Shoots at GM plants for WAC conference

Some Corporate Producers
Quadravision, Empire Entertainment, Prisma Light, Sierra Group, Caber Film & Video, Multiple Images, ALP Communications, Brandworks International, Henry Less, Sylbea Communications, Storm Films, Bluemoon Productions, Twin Star, The Kamber Group, Captus Communications, and Carleton Productions.

Other Corporate Clients
Kaufman Footwear,National Trust, Glaxo, Movado, Air Canada, Algoma Steel, Motorola, The Power Workers, Trans Canada Pipe Lines, Litton Industries, Bell Canada, Atomic Energy, IBM, Ducks Unlimited, Husky Plastics, Purolator, Esso, Shoppers Drug Mart, Hostess Frito-Lay, United Appeal, Nielson Cadbury, 3M, Tupperware, Casino Rama, Panasonic, Discount Car Rental, Ontario Hydro, Wynns Auto Products, Fairweather, and Galaxy Garments.

BMW Internal Video

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