I have just finished the third season (40 shows so far) of "Exhibit A" for Discovery Channel. The show is run on TLC as "The Secrets of Forensic Science". It is produced by Robert Lang and Robert Sandler and hosted by Graham Green. Ratings are doing very well.

I must be be doing something right with the stylized Mini DV format, because I have received two Gemini nominations in photography for "Exhibit A" (1998 and 1999) (Update - another nomination in 2000 and winner best cinematography CSC Awards). On the series I have had a chance to work with directors Holly Dale, Harvey Crossland, Ried Dunlop, Alan Goluboff, Allan Moyle, Gail Harvey, Henry Less, Curtis Werhfritz, Deborah Samuel, Allan Gough, Ali Kazimi, Howie Wiseman, Richard Meech, and Peter Wellington. I have also put my Mini DV techniques to good use on recent corporate videos for The Elevator Network and Cancom.

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