This April, I worked on a pretty neat 16mm film shoot - chasing icebergs off the coast of Newfoundland. This was for a Readers Digest video library series "Natures Rage", produced by Pangolin Pictures of New York. In one week, myself, assistant Lori Longstaff and soundman John Martin had some interesting journeys - a day on a U.S. Hercules aircraft on ice patrol, a voyage on the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker "Henry Larson", as well as reconnaissance flights on its on-board MBB105 helicopter. We managed to find several icebergs in our travels, some on the open sea as well as a few surrounded in pack ice. We finished off our shoot in Halifax at the gravesites of the victims of the Titanic. It was the 85th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic - when we were on the U.S. military flight they went down to 500 feet at the actual site of the tragedy and dropped two wreaths.

I used an "Arri on a stick" to film the ice break up from a more advantageous viewpoint over the edge of the bow. It's just an aluminum pole with a bracket for my old Arri S - fitted with my 777 Sony pencil cam for video assist, thanks to a $6.99 plumbing fixture which attaches to the viewfinder.

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